Joyson Safety Systems is inspired by our long history of providing world-class safety-critical products and technologies in support of our customers worldwide.


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct of Joyson Safety Systems (“The Code”):

All employees, including contract and temporary employees, corporate officers, and the members of the Board of Directors of Joyson Safety Systems are required to read, understand and meet the obligations in the Code. Certain business partners such as vendors and consultants, serve as an extension of Joyson Safety Systems. They are expected to follow the spirit of our Code when working on behalf of Joyson Safety Systems.

Acting with ethics and integrity is central to how we conduct our business. We set high standards for ethical behavior and expect our employees to meet our standards and live our Guiding Principles, even under the most challenging circumstances. We expect all of our employees to be honest and transparent in conducting our business and to have the courage to do what is right.

The company encourages our employees to report their concerns to their line supervisor, another member of management, the Compliance Officer or Human Resources Department. Employees also have the option of contacting the Joyson Safety Systems Compliance Hotline.

The Joyson Safety Systems Compliance Hotline

The Joyson Safety Systems Compliance Hotline is a service run by independent third-party providers of corporate compliance services and gives employees the opportunity to speak up about misconduct and/or wrongdoing by a JSS employee, customer, vendor or third party. Typical matters reported through the Joyson Safety Systems Compliance Hotline include:

• Conflict of Interest
• Bribery
• Corrupt Conduct
• Forgery
• Fraud
• Violations of the law, Code or Company Policies
• Other Unethical Behavior

The Joyson Safety Systems Compliance Hotline service includes:

• Multiple channels for reporting, including a dedicated toll-free telephone number, email and website for reporting of suspected incidents of misconduct and wrongdoing
• Opportunity to remain anonymous if considered necessary
• Specialist call center operators with knowledge of individual organizations
• Timely reporting of incidents to dedicated representatives for follow up action

Employees in China may submit reports to via the methods below, including the website link.
1. Toll Free Line: 400-8383-022
2. Website link:
3. Email:

Employees in North and South America, Europe and Africa, and Japan and Asia (excluding China) may submit reports to the Joyson Safety Systems Compliance Reporting Hotline by clicking on the following link which includes the country specific phone numbers:







• 利益冲突
• 贿赂
• 贪污
• 伪造
• 欺诈
• 违反法律与政策
• 其他不道德行为


• 多种报告不当行为的渠道,包括免费热线、电子邮件及网站。
• 如有必要可选择保持匿名
• 有经验并熟悉公司情况的热线中心接线员
• 及时向相关高层报告事件,以便采取后续行动

1. 免费电话:400-8383-022
2. 网站连接
3. Email:


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Joyson Safety Systems is a global leader in mobility safety providing safety-critical components, systems and technology to automotive and non-automotive markets. Joyson Safety Systems is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, with a global network of more than 50,000 employees in 25 countries. It is a subsidiary of Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. (SHA: 600699, “Joyson Electronics”).

Global Headquarters

Auburn Hills, MI, USA 48326